The Springfield Monorail

The Springfield Monorail

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Bryan and Holly delve into the history of one of Springfield’s biggest folly: their monorail system. Naturally, this episode delves into the lives of some of the key players, including the Simpsons.

Music by: David Payne and the AF Jr. Cavemen

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The Simpsons

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  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Holly! Hi Bryan!
    Welcome back! Lovely to hear you both expounding about the finer points found in history. I can usually be found listening to “Fauxthentic History”,”Full of Sith”, or “Stuff You Missed” while preparing dinner during the course of the week. In celebration of Fauxthentic’s return, this evening we are having pork loin fillet, seasoned baked sweet potatoes and green beans. The family is thrilled. Being short one podcast a week was certainly noticed by them! 😀
    Regarding Springfield and its monorail: I can usually be found riding the Walt Disney World monorail. It is so much more reliable than Springfield’s boondoggle. Yes, a door drops off once a decade, but, all in all, a run between Magic Kingdom and EPCOT is rather uneventful.
    Looking forward to more history episodes. You two are great!


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